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Fabric Sail Shades

Shade sails can change your indoor and outside condition by enhancing the current decor. Truly, they are exceedingly appraised by planners due to the advantages that they bring along. Independent of how dull or uninteresting your environment is, setting up shade sails can change that simple outdoor setting into an eye-catching and dynamic look.

  • They have a basic however stylish appearance that supplements an assortment of architectural methodologies. The advantages of shade sails both in residential and commercial establishments are numerous and varied.


  • Indoor and outside sails filter the harmful UV rays from the sun. This averts the beams from harming your skin layers which by and large causes sunburns and skin malignant growth. The sails accomplish this through their carefully chosen materials that have phenomenal texture solidarity to stop the penetrative capacity of the rays.


  • Patios, car parking shades or pool shades secured by shade sails have an intriguing environment that catches attention. When these sails are utilized in retail and business regions, they create an experience which expands traffic and hence sales.


  • The advantages of shade sails are experienced by individuals as well as furniture, plants and some other equipment set under these sails. Furniture does not strip or blur while garden plants stay sound and energetic as a result of the protective function of these sails.

At Al Ameera, our customised sails deal with both the aesthetic as well as the operational functionalities.

Our Professional understand and picture a definitive product required as per the clients need. Their experience, learning and recognition with the latest technologies will empower you to change your premises as well as maximise on the advantages of shade sails.

We are dealing in Solar Shades, Green Shades, Tensile Shades, waiting area shade, Roof Shade, Open Area Shade, Playground Shade, Walkway Shades, Entrance Shades, Wall Covering Shades, HDPE Shade, PVC Shade, Gazebo, Canopy, Sun Shade Sails and Much More.

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