Best Car Parking Shades


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Best Car Parking Shades

You always look for the best for your car, which should not be any other way. Your car deserves the best, so selecting a good parking shade is essential. And with hundreds of options in Car Parking Shades in UAE, it might get hard to select what you and your car needs.

A car shade should not only protect your car but also look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes so that it increases the attraction to your house or backyard. But as already stated, with so many options, it can get harder to choose the correct option that suits your car’s safety but also provides you with that aesthetic.

AL AMEERA, one of the Car Parking Shades Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, has narrowed down the selection for you. With some of the most popular and best car parking shades currently, your selection can become relatively easy.

Car Parking Shades in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Best Car Parking shades Currently

Umbrella Type

The Umbrella-type parking shade might be the perfect fit for your household. The single post build does not cover much ground area, and the canopy area can easily provide a shade for two cars.

This is a very common convertible design, as you must have seen this structure throughout the city. The canopy area is customizable and can become double-sided to provide a shade for four cars rather than two cars.

Cantilever Type

Another ubiquitous and convenient parking shade design is Cantilever Type shade, which can be found throughout the country. It does not require any complexity and can be installed quickly, even at home.

The simple fabrication process makes it the simplest yet one of the most secure parking shades right now. It is a traditional design and will bring the much-needed aesthetic to your backyard and the protection to your cars.

Car Parking Shades in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Pyramid Type

Pyramid Type parking shades can work as both a parking shade and can be a lovely addition to your space as well. These types of shades are very famous in both commercial and residential homeowners.

Commercial sectors like hypermarkets and shopping malls use this kind of parking shade, and you must have seen them in hotels, also. These shades usually require a lot of areas and can cover a considerable amount of cars.

Pyramid Type Shades are beautiful, will be an excellent addition to your backyard, and can be used for multiple purposes. Almost every Car Parking Shades Supplier in UAE has these kinds of shades so that you can find them quickly.

GRP Type

You must have seen these kinds of shades pavilions, bleacher shades, walkways, horse shades, garden canopies, pool shades, etc. It is very helpful in the space constraints area as it is cantilever type only, so the other side will be free of any obstacles.

Depending on your specified plan layout, you can install it individually or in series form. It will give your parking space a unique look, and the protection your car will get will be of premium quality.


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