DIY Kitchen Glass Cabinet Doors In Easy Steps

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Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Glass cabinet doors add to the beauty of your kitchen tenfolds. Long gone are the days of wooden cabinet doors that hide your gorgeous china hardware. Behold the Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE that will make your kitchen sleek and stylish.

And as your beautiful dinner set will shine in the glass door cabinets, you will also. And it is not a complex process. If you have even a little knowledge about DIY, you can pull it off in some easy steps.

So, follow some very simple steps to reach your ideal kitchen that will make you smile like never before.

Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Remove Old Cabinet Doors

The first step to inserting the new glass cabinet doors is to remove the old cabinet doors. And for this, you need only one screwdriver. Now take off the doors from the screwed-on hinges and ensure that you keep all the screws in a safe space together, so they don’t get lost.

Mark The Outlines

It is always a good idea to mark and measure the outlines beforehand and note them down. So it will be easier to cut out the panel according to the markings. Cutting out the panel can be challenging if your marking is not right.

So make sure to properly take the markings and note them down. And always use a circular saw to cut out the panels, as it will give the excellent finish that you want.

Chisel The Corners

After cutting out the panels, you have to chisel the corners. Loosen the corners of the cut panel, and always use a wood chisel to do that. Use the chisel on each corner until the panel is ready to come out.

After chiseling, you need to release the panel. Release the panel as slowly and steadily as possible and carefully.

Measure and Cut The Glass

Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE | Al Ameera Tents and Shades

The next step is to measure the panel and note down the measurements, as these measurements will allow you to cut the glass in the next step. Take these measurements and cut the glass according to these measurements.

Every Glass Door Display Cabinet in Dubai uses plexiglass which is ⅛ inch thick and will be pretty easy to cut. Use a straightedge for a seamless cut without leaving any marks. Use the knife carefully on the glass.


You are almost done. The next step requires inserting the glass panel in the open panel. And after that, apply silicone to it. Do this process gently yet firmly. Apply the silicone strap on the interior side of the cabinet and place the glass on the sealant.

Let the silicone dry for a decent amount of time. Give it around 18-24 hours to dry off completely.


The final step of this process is to rehang the cabinet door glass. Find all the screws and hardware you kept away safely and re-assemble your new kitchen. With this, you have one of the best Glass Cabinet Doors in UAE.

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