How To Build and Design Car Parking Shed!


Admin 19 Dec 2022

How To Build and Design Car Parking Shed!

Car Parking Shade For Home is not only fancy but also very necessary. If your vehicle is parked outside continuously without any shade, it becomes susceptible to sun damage. And it affects not only your paint but also your interior dashboard as well.

And the casing storm and heavy rainfall can affect your car condition severely if it is parked outside. The storm can even lead to a random tree falling over your car. And you must have noticed your car becomes a hot box if parked outside in the sun for an extended period.

That is why keeping your car parked in a shed rather than outside is essential. But the prices of Car Parking Shade in  Abu Dhabi are pretty high. So, a simple car parking shed that is durable, and you can quickly build budget-friendly by following a few simple steps.

Make A Blueprint

Before starting to build, make a proper blueprint of your requirements. Establish the quantity and kind of vehicles that your parking shed design will accommodate. The dimension of your parking shade will differ according to the number and types of cars you own. You must also make a blueprint of the roof slope.

Level The Ground

You must level the ground before starting to work. An unlevelled ground will only make it harder for you to build the shed. An ideal scenario would be to have a concrete base, usually leveled.

But you can also level your backyard using a shovel or a ground leveler. This might be the most tedious task you must do while building a shade.

Cut The Steel

You have to cut the steel. Cut out eight posts of lengths according to your idea. If you want a sloping shed, the measurement of every two poles should be the same. So, measure this according to your needs.

Make Markings and Dig Holes

The next step is to mark the ground according to the pole size and dimensions. Make sure you mark it correctly, as it will be problematic if you don’t do it right. Dig holes in the marked sections deep enough that they can hold your poles and make the shade sturdy.

Welding and Screwing

With almost at the end of the process. You have to do the welding in two steps. First, weld the tie beams onto the stilt. Make sure you do it correctly and keep them perpendicular to each other. It will finish your basic frame.

Secondly, you have to weld the joists. Keep them between the tie beams and in the middle of the structure so they can hold the sheets.

Fix The Sheet

The last and final step is to bolt or fix the sheet on top of the structure. Place the sheet on top of the frame and start bolting it in place. Make sure your bolt is adequately driven and straight. It will give you good penetration and will be firm against the surface.

So, that’s it. You now have built your Car Parking Shade in Abu Dhabi.


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