Install an Arabian Tent in Just Three Steps

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September 9, 2019
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Install an Arabian Tent in Just Three Steps

Twisting an open space with a brilliantly designed Arabic tent is not at all an easy task. There are plenty of process plus accessories required to inculcate the environs, bearing in mind the Arabian spirit. Furthermore, the essence of serenity, comfort, luxury blends altogether for setting a convincing tent. Now you can bring this into picture by connecting by Al Ameera, a renowned Arabian tent company functioning in the city.

Step 1: Begin with glorifying the palette
It is the first step we work for installing an Arabian tent for any purpose. No matter, whether you are hailing for a party or a corporate meeting, if your colour scheming is not done right, things will not fall in place. Pull up your socks and set the colours matching with the theme without leaving any of the corners. The colours should be interrelated with the theme, like if it is a wedding, then red will go beautifully, but for subtle events, go for white or golden.

Added to this, you must put equal pressure on the fabric used. The focus should not only on the robust fabric, but it should be glorifying the event too. Here you can look over tensile fabric shade structures also. Once these elements are brought together, assume, your half work is finished.

Step 2: Tenting the walls and ceilings
If this step goes wrong, you might become a part of mockery. Perceive the tents in the well-structured manner. Our Arabian tents are embodied with a discerningly designed dome, so it is compulsory to be appropriately formed. Unless the dome is set perfectly, the concept of Arabian tents will not fall into the picture at all.

Other than this, the entire tents should be mounted with support. Plus the back of the shade must have wooden strips, so there is no option of falling or tilting out of the wind or changing weather.

Step 3: Work on the technicalities
Furnishing the interiors of the tents is a crucial factor, as it calls for magic carpeting, Arabian accessories, and placement of furnitures. All these components must be positioned as per the predilection of the client and the design of the tents.

The use of air conditioners, German fabric, water insulators, waterproofing, and capability to kicking the uncertainties should never be blocked. Though the installation is for a short period of time, there should not be any glitches hanging around.

To excel on the setting up of Arabian tents, you can approach to tent manufacturers in UAE. Also, Al Ameera Tents and Shades will be the finest choice for this purpose.

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