Pyramid Car Parking Shades

Pyramid Car Parking Shades

These shades can be designed for a single car or to shelter many cars in a large parking area. Pyramid Car Parking Shades are engineered to bring more protection against UV rays and wind load due to the use of high-performance fabrics like PVC Fabrics, PTFE Fabrics, HDPE Fabrics.

PYRAMID ARCH DESIGN PARKING SHADES considered the traditional Arabic architecture of due its similarity with sand dunes. This new generation designs presents the ultimate result for your Car Parking Shades that helps to retain the life of your car by protecting it from dangerous UV Rays. Pyramid Car Parking Shades are fabricated with the world’s most advanced textile like HDPE, PVC and PTFE, these fabrics are well known for their Fire Redundancy, Tear Resistance, UV Resistance, Snow Resistance, and Wind Resistance which supports you to avoid any damage like cars windscreen breaking, protect electronics the car, reduce the heat inside the car, protect cars dashboard from cracking and maintain the gloss and shine of your car. 

AL AMEERA TENTS & SHADES’ Pyramid Car Parking Shades has aim to inspire the beauty of the traditional pyramid shades of local culture with the practicality of modern shades with our shade solutions. Our Services are not limited to all over UAE, i.e Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other states of United Arab Emirates but in we can deliver the products in all GCC as well.

Pyramid Car Parking Shades
Features Description
Available Sizes

Pyramid Car Parking Shades are available in different sizes and materials as per client’s requirement.

Standard Sizes are:  5.5m x 5.5m

Minimum Space Required for 2 Cars:  5m x 5m

Maximum Space Required for 2 Cars:   6m x 6m

Open Height:  2.5 – 2.6m

Note:  Size Can be Modified for large Vehicles.

Roofing / Fabric

HDPE, PVC, PTFE – Fabrics Origin (Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Korea)

Structure & Accessories

MS Structure, Galvanized Steel, GI and Stainless Steel.
We may use SS316 Accessories as per client’s request

Colour Options

White | Cream | Green | Dark Green | Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow | Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

Other Properties

Flame Radiant | Tear Resistant | Visual Comfort | Dimensional | Thermal Comfort
UV Resistant | Snow Resistant | Wind Resistant | Installation.


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