Ramadan Arabic Majlis Tents

Ramadan Arabic Majlis Tents

Majlis is an Arabic print Sadu that can be utilized for various event set-up, indoor and outdoor Set-up, iftar, Arabic theme event and more.

The Majlis Tents offer an unmatched experience during Ramadan. They serve as serene retreats for evening prayers, lively spaces for iftar parties, and quiet corners for introspection, embodying the multifaceted spirit of Ramadan. 

Our package includes a range of high seating options, perfect for creating an authentic Ramadan atmosphere. Order now and enjoy the regal comfort of a traditional Ramadan Majlis!

For delivery to other emirates, additional delivery fees may apply. Our team will provide you with a quote that includes all necessary information.

Our team will ensure that everything is arranged perfectly so that you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable and inviting space during Ramadan. We will work with you to understand your needs and preferences, and provide you with a seating arrangement that meets your expectations.

Complimentary Arabic dates and refreshing drinks will be provided to break your fast. We want to make sure that your experience with our Majlis seating package is both comfortable and enjoyable.

Ramadan Arabic Majlis Tents
Features Description
Tradition High Seating

Our seating options are perfect for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a small family gathering or a large community event, our traditional Arabic Majlis sitting setup is a great choice.

Arabic Tent

This Tent option is perfect for outdoor events or if you want to create a cozy indoor space.

Arabic Majlis Sofa

For a more relaxed and comfortable seating experience, our Majlis Sofa are a great option. These sofas are designed to provide support and cushioning for you and your guests.

Coffee Table

Our package also includes a coffee table, perfect for serving drinks and snacks to your guests.

Floor Carpet

To complete the look of your traditional Arabic Majlis sitting setup, we include a beautiful floor carpet that adds warmth and colour to your space

  • Peacefull Arabic Majlis Sofa Set 2Seater 180x60cm +
  • Pillow 45x120cm Assorted
  • Majlis Cushion 45x45cm
  • Arabic Majlis Pillow 50x70cm Assorted


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