Ramadan Arabic Tent Suppliers

Ramadan Arabic Tent Suppliers

In anticipation of Ramadan, Arabic Majlis Tents by AL AMEERA TENTS & SHADES stand as symbols of cultural pride and unity. Their role in enhancing the Ramadan experience is invaluable, offering a unique blend of tradition, comfort, and spiritual ambiance. These tents are not just places to gather; they are where memories of Ramadan are made and cherished.

As a leader in crafting Arabic tents, Al Ameera Tents & Shades creations are particularly significant during Ramadan. Their tents are not only structures of shelter but also spaces where the essence of Ramadan’s communal spirit is vividly brought to life. 

In Ramadan season, AL AMEERA TENTS & SHADES’ Arabic Majlis Tents are poised to play a vital role in enriching the experience of communal gatherings. Their expertise in blending traditional designs with modern needs makes these tents ideal for hosting memorable Ramadan evenings. 

As families come together to break their fast or engage in nightly prayers, the majlis in these tents becomes a focal point of unity and spiritual reflection. The elegant décor and traditional design of the tents add to the solemnity and celebration of Ramadan.

Ramadan Arabic Tent Suppliers
Features Description
Available Sizes

Arabic Tents are available in 3m and 5m (3m x 3m & 5m x 5m)


Sadu (Traditional Arabic Designed Fabric)


MS Steel with anti-corrosion paint system


Arabic Tents are traditionally available in red colour and in different patterns.
If client has requirement to purchase certain design, we can also arrange it (Depends on availability)

Other Properties
  • Available in Different Patterns and many accessories.
  • Light Weight, Washable, Moveable.
Accessories Sizes
  • Peacefull Arabic Majlis Sofa Set 2Seater 180x60cm +
  • Pillow 45x120cm Assorted
  • Majlis Cushion 45x45cm
  • Arabic Majlis Pillow 50x70cm Assorted


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