Sail Car Parking Shades

Sail Car Parking Shades

Sail Shades Car Park Shades are a great low-cost choice for vast open area where cars or being parked. These Sail Shades Car Parking Shades require no motor or any huge steel structuring. Sail Shades Car Parking are available in any sizes and colours. Wall-to-wall, wall-to-Column, or Column-to-column installation is also possible. You may contact our sales team for any information you may require. 

The advantages of Sail Shades are

  • Protect you From Burning sun Rays and rain.
  • Maintain the gloss and shine of the vehicle.
  • Protect Wind Screen from Crack.
  • Reduce cracking of the win screen.
  • Make your electronics Keep Safe.
  • Reduce Heat in the Car
  • Increase the Beauty of Your Home.
Sail Car Parking Shades
Features Description
Available Sizes

Sail Shades Car Parking are available in different sizes and materials as per client’s requirement.

Standard Sizes are:  No Standard Size (Any Size and design is achievable.

Minimum Space Required for 2 Cars: 5m x 5m

Maximum Space Required for 2 Cars:  6m x 6m

Open Height: Not specifically (Any height is also achievable)

Note: Size Can be Modified for large Vehicles.

Roofing / Fabric

HDPE, PVC, PTFE – Fabrics Origin (Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Korea)

Structure & Accessories

MS Structure, Galvanized Steel, GI and Stainless Steel.
We may use SS316 Accessories as per clients request

Colour Options

White | Cream | Green | Dark Green | Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow | Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

Other Properties

Flame Radiant | Tear Resistant | Visual Comfort | Dimensional | Thermal Comfort | UV Resistant | Snow Resistant | Wind Resistant | Installation.


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