Tensile Fabric Shade Structures
Benefits of using Fabric Sail Shade
March 19, 2019
Tensile Fabric Shades Structures
Tensile Fabric Shade
March 19, 2019
Rent a Tent Ramadan

Rent a Tent this Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of reflection and worship, where Muslims submit to regular prayer and daytime fasting. As the sun sets, the city comes to life as people head to elaborately decorated Ramadan tents and ballrooms to break their fasts with an Iftar buffet (sunset feast) or fuel up for the coming fast with Suhoor (early morning feast). Al Ameera Tents & Shades Provides the best Ramadan tents in Dubai.

The spectacular beachfront tents have always been the best spot for Ramadan Tents, The Palm is hailed as one of Dubai’s best tents during Ramadan. Famous for its celebrity-studded opening night, the tent offers an unforgettable experience, with traditional meals in a stunning Arabesque venue, adorned by glittering lanterns. Join family and friends as you savour delectable dishes from Arabia in this classic Ramadan venue.

Al Ameera Tents & Shades is one of the authorized and trusted organisation which carry the expertise in providing custom made solar shades, Green shades, Sail Shades, Tensile fabric shade structures, Swimming pool shade, waiting area shade, Roof shade, Playground shade, Open Area Shade, Walkway shade, entrance shade, Wall covering shade, HDPE shade, PVC shade, Gazebo shade, Cloth Shade and PVC Shade.  Our team will be happy to bring your creation to reality with our unique Fabric Sail, Sun Shade Sail and Sun Shade system!

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