Sadu Tent Arabic Tent

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Sadu Tent Arabic Tent

Sadu – A Traditional Arabic Tent

  • The Traditional Tents combine the styles of Arab’s glory and propelled future. The strong edge is produced from solid iron to withstand rust and erosion.
  • Layers of clothing are added according to customer’s choice for the internal coating which is more usually from Spanish Sadu fabric with a selection of colours and patterns that mirrors the Arab legacy.
  • The Outer layer is made of thick hairs to withstand weather components and is coloured highly contrasting. Several middle layers are added to Insulate the tent from rains and water made of PVC. Heat insulation made of Rock wool.
  • A protection layer can be added to get fire retardant. The fabrication of Arabian Tents is an esteemed industry and it is an impression of a genuine Arabic legacy.

Shapes and Colours:

  • Arabian Tents come in various sizes and different shapes so they can be installed at any place and in any condition even those shapes that are considered strange and are for explicit tastes. The appearance of the external shape of the Arabian tents vary as wanted by the customer.
  • Sadu Tents can be placed in any area – Swimming Pools Area, Parks, Hotels and Corporate Entrances, House Gardens, Commercial Centres, Automotive Exhibitions, Conferences Halls

At Al Ameera Tents & Shades we satisfy client’s need and equipped and furnished these Arabic traditional hall and Sadu tents with Fancy Wooden Floors, electrical supplies, Provide umbrellas, Chimneys, air conditioners, Outdoor lighting for entrances, Internal decorations and Internal illumination in the ceiling.

If you are searching for Arabian Traditional Tent for Sale or Al Ain Arabian Tents for Sale or Rentals in UAE, then connect with our experts today!

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