All About Car Parking Shade in Dubai


Admin 17 Jan 2023

All About Car Parking Shade in Dubai

Extreme weather can make driving a vehicle difficult, especially in Dubai’s summer heat. You will also feel the heat if your car is left in a hot area during the summer. The impact can be dangerous, not just for your vehicle but also for you. A Car Parking Shade in Dubai is a solution which is available for you.

Al Ameera Tents & Shades, one of Dubai’s most trusted suppliers of various types of shading solutions. We create high-quality shading solutions that look great and last a long time. We also offer a variety of sunshades. Our vehicle shading solution protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Shades can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces that are designated for parking vehicles.

Why it is Important

One of the many ways to prepare your car in summer is by installing car parking shades. Here are some reasons why car parking shades in Dubai are essential.

  • Your car’s paint may be damaged if exposed to the sun for too long.
  • Your vehicle’s battery can be rapidly depleted by the heat of sunlight
  • Car parking shades keep your car cool in the heat
  • The car could produce harmful and polluted gasses.
  • Direct sunlight can also affect car tires
  • Protect your car’s windshield from direct sunlight and heat damage

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Dubai’s car parking shades and the different types.

Installing car parking shades can help protect your car from these damages. Car parking shades should provide heat and UV protection. Al Ameera Tents & Shades offers highly satisfied sunshades that can be used in parking lots. Our sunshade solutions not only protect cars but also increase the aesthetic appeal and value of parking spaces.

Types of Car Parking Shade

There are many parking shades available from Dubai car parking shade businesses. Below is a list of the most popular types of vehicle parking shades offered by Dubai suppliers.

  • Shade for Cantilever cars
  • Shade for arch cantilever car parking
  • Pyramid shape shade
  • Double-side car storage shed
  • Sail-type car parking shade
  • Umbrella car parking shade
  • Shades for wall mounting
  • Shades in wave type
  • Solar car parking shed


Car Parking Shade For Home is essential if wanting to purchase a car in Dubai. Al Ameera Tents & Shades is the best provider of Car Parking Shades in UAE. Contact us to know more about how it works and how we execute to install car parking shades as per your convenience.


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