Protect your Vehicles with Car Parking Shades


Admin 27 Sep 2022

Protect your Vehicles with Car Parking Shades


It is an absolute necessity to protect your car from the external hazards that will destroy its look, affects its performance and depreciates its cost. The car parking shades are something that can do the honor of giving protection to your cars; however, people believe that it is just a small thing that they can live without. But let me tell you, regardless of whether your car is on the luxury end or not, Car Parking Shades in UAE provide many benefits which will be detailed on this blog. So, keep reading!

Protection from the climate

UAE is having a bad reputation when it comes to climate, especially during the summers. The heat during this season can be sweltering for both humans and machines. Whenever you need to park your lovely beauty outside, consider providing a shade. Giving a cover to your car by installing shades will protect them from ultraviolet beams and solar radiation.

The car parking shades from Al Ameera Tents & Shades is guaranteed to shield the vehicle from wind, sun, rain, snow and dust.

Protection from dirt

What happens when you park your vehicle under a tree? You will get sap or bird droppings on your car and removing it can damage your car paint and glass. If you leave the car outside unchecked, it will turn into a filthy mess with components including bird droppings, leaves, residue and others. Giving a cover to the car will shield them from the external factors that can cause perils to the vehicles.

Protection from the paint fading

Exposing the car to outdoors in the sun will cause the paint colour of your vehicle to fade within a short period. Giving shade will protect the vehicle from direct exposure to the sun and hence retaining the new look.

Saves energy

Do you remember those hot days when you get in your car after work, and it feels like a sauna inside? The car interiors tend to get extremely hot during summers while you park them in the sun. And it will be discomforting to enter the vehicle until it is allowed to cool. To cool down the car, we have to get in, open the doors and put on the air conditioning system. By doing this procedure, you are consuming a lot of energy. You can skip all these steps and directly get into the car by installing car parking shades.

Prevent battery issues

The summer heat can badly affect the battery of the car. It can destroy the battery life, which is a real and severe threat. Having a shade will protect your vehicle as well as the battery.

Prevent overheating

Overheating the car during the summer can cause a complete breakdown of the vehicle. It is one of the serious issue faced by car owners in the Middle East region. Installing a car parking shade will prevent such circumstances.

Prevent tyre blasting

The car tyres will expand and burst during the summer because of the intense heat. Tyre blasting incidents are common during summer, and it can be stopped by providing shade to the cars.

Prevents car contamination

With intense heat during summer, the elastic hose and seals inside the car tend to melt and radiate harmful gas. When this gas mixed with AC compressed gas utilized in the air conditioning, it can cause contamination. You can prevent this car contamination if you provide shade to the vehicle.

A personal vehicle

is one of the absolute necessity these days. It can be one of the best inclusions to your households. But maintaining the same is equally important. Installing a high-quality car parking shade for your vehicle from Al Ameera Tents & Shades will help to maintain the newness and provide the protection it requires.


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