Why Securing Tent Sidewalls Is Necessary?


Admin 17 Dec 2022

Why Securing Tent Sidewalls Is Necessary?

One of the most crucial elements of the tent while organizing an outdoor winter event is the heat, especially maintaining the heat inside the tent. Shades Supplier in Dubai provides you with many options but are your sidewalls safe and secured?

The typical tent walls perform most of the time admirably. The ground-hung walls, however, are vulnerable to damage from the wind. This issue seldom occurs with frame tents with rendered walls, but it can occur with pole tents.

You must have seen this design in various Tensile Fabric Structures in Dubai.

Securing the tent walls’ bottoms is the ideal solution to this issue. You can add this option to your purchase if the wind is a problem. Wood planks placed beneath the tent poles serve as one method of wall security. To the boards, we screw the walls.

This is the ultimate way to secure your sidewalls and is known as staking. Apart from the keder side of the wall, most sidewalls are only attached from the tent at the very top. That leaves your wall hanging down from the rope only.

It is a widespread practice and will work for most of the years. But during times of rain and storm, it can really backfire as it leaves the sidewalls of the tents unsecured and vulnerable to the storm.

So, staking the tent walls is necessary as it will not only keep your sidewalls safe from being blown away but will also give the much-needed sturdiness to your tent.

How To Stake Tent Sidewalls?

You only need two pieces of hardware for staking your sidewalls. A rope and anchoring hook. Mostly any rope will work, but you should use polyester and nylon ropes for more flexibility and durability.

Usually, the anchoring hook is around two feet long. These are just simple steel stakes with a bent end at the top. The one you usually see on a ship. This will help you to trap cables and their items.

  • Start by weaving the ropes through the grommets alongside the base of the walls.
  • You can cut the rope so that there is enough past each end to wrap around the staking location.
  • Leave the rope installed in the bottom grommets.
  • After inserting the rope, pull out all the slack from the line and secure them at each end.
  • Do this by knotting the rope at the last grommet location.

This process will only have to be done once, but it can be pretty tiresome.

  • Drive the anchoring hooks into the ground at the midpoint between the grommets
  • The hook should be looping over the top of the rope.

With all the stakes in the ground on Tensile Fabric Structures in Dubai, your process is complete.


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